Popcak and Madrid Appear to be Combining Forces to Crush the Freedom-Loving Peoples of St. Blog’s

It appears Popcak is playing the Good Cop/Bad Cop game with Madrid as the heavy, claiming some sort of sinister e-harrassment by Madrid to paint himself as the benevolent-and-unwilling-endorser of Madrid’s ruthless suppression of the attempted coup on the Envoy blog. As one who has experienced the electrodes of the HMS Institute for the Criminally Insane close-up, I assure my readers that you are being taken for a ride. It’s Darth Sidious and Darth Tyrannus all over again. Always two there are: the Master and the Apprentice.

Caroline has apparently been brain-wiped, judging from her docile and spaniel-like Envoy blogs of late. Which leaves me alone to rally the scattering forces of Light against the legions of Darkness.

Sigh. And I just got my computer working again.