Why Do I Have the Feeling This Show will Make You Stupider than You Were Before You Saw it?

“Here was the new vision of the Heavens that Galileo tried to present, a vision the church was desperate to suppress.” Or: “Galileo, who gave his daughter to the church, was brought before the inquisition.”

For a rather less sensational treatment of Galileo, go here. Was the Church wrong in its treatment of Galileo? Yes. Was it the repressive obscurantist monstrosity evoked in the ads for the show? No.

Nova’s ad stands in the grand tradition of American Know-Nothingism in evoking the “terrors of the Inquisition” for a post-Protestant audience that no longer believes in Christianity, but still cherishes old Protestant fears of what sinister hooded Italian monks are probably up to in those dark dungeons of theirs.

And, of course, this free anti-catholic agitprop is funded by your tax dollars.