A reader writes:

The best news I heard all night watching Fox News was that in Missouri, the exit polls showed that abortion was the 2nd most important issue that caused people to vote (behind the economy), and of those who said abortion was the most important issue 80%(!!) voted for Jim Talent and life! So Jim Talent owes his entire win to the pro-life support, and he surely better make good on that. I hope exit polls for other states show a similar pattern!

Yep. A prolife position is a winning one for Republicans. A prochoice position is statistically indifferent for Democrats (19% thought it the most important issue). Dumb Republicans still want the issue to go away, but God won’t let it. I hope the Republicans get serious this time and actually *do* something about abortion, given such a mandate. It would be nice if they managed to become something other than the Stupid Party. I hope Lott doesn’t manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. With Bush in the equation, things could be very different and better this time.