Y’know, I’d like to empathize

but the article seems to me to suffer from the whining self-pity that characterizes so much of the Muslim response to a post-9/11 world. What I’m not seeing here is any acknowledgement whatsoever that radical Islamic violence is applauded by huge numbers in the Islamic world. Everything is the fault of those awful oppressors like Falwell or the US gov’t. This sudden and inexplicable religious prejudice on the part of American citizens has nothing whatever to do with any flaws in Islam. As long as Muslims continue to talk this way, they will only get hearings from NY Times editors laboring to ignore certain obvious realities.

I recognize that Islam does not equal “evil” and that there are saintly Muslims. But Muslim culture as a whole tends to foster this extremely unappealing paradigm of overbearing dhimmitization when ascendent and whiny self-pity when outnumbered. I trust it all the less because of it.