Forces of Truth, Justice and American Way Prevail

EEEEEEvil vanquished. George W. Bush heralds Great Rosy Dawn. Human race achieves perfection.

Well, the Republicans won big anyway. Now let’s see if they’ll do anything. They can start by abolishing partial birth abortion and putting sane people in the courts who are not David Souter Mini-Me’s. This is where we find out if Republicans are serious or just members of a country club.

Meanwhile, it will provide me with a certain degree of schadenfreude to watch Terry McAuliffe’s fate. I hope he clings to office like… well, like Bill Clinton! And I hope the Clintons are forced into a titanic struggle to pry his fried-chicken-greased fingers from the door jambs of his office after a lengthy battle to drag him across the carpet and out the door. I look forward to a demoralized, radicalized, ever more stupid Democratic party sinking further and further behind. I want a Democratic party with the brains of Barbara Streisand, the voice of James Carville, the looks of Bella Abzug, the masterful helmsmanship of Terry McAuliffe, the credibility of Bill Clinton, the warm appeal of Hillary Clinton, and the relevance of Walter Mondale. It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people.

Oh, and you Michiganders: BAP! That’s your dope slap for electing Granholm.

All in all, a fine night.