Sandra asks:

Lots of political figures has turned from a pro-life to a pro-abort postion. Can anyone name a contrary example, of a politician going from pro-abort to pro-life? I know of none. Abortionists may have a change of heart, but never politicians.

Ronald Reagan. He signed abortion rights into law while governor of CA. Then he had a change of heart.

This leads to a whole ‘nother discussion: namely, that opposition to abortion was almost exclusively a “Catholic thing” till Francis Schaeffer (peace to his ashes) pounded it into American Evangelical heads that it was a Christian thing. It took most of the 70s for that to happen. Suggested reading: Souls, Bodies, Spirits: The Drive to End Abortion Since 1973 by Kerry Jacoby. Herself an Evangelical, Jacoby documents that (partly due to Evangelical antipathy toward Catholics and partly due to a “Bible only” approach to revelation), Evangelicals pretty much ignored Catholic warnings about the evils of abortion in the late 60s and early 70s. It was regarded as one of those “Catholic things” much as artificial contraception still is by most Evangelicals. After all, Scripture nowhere explicitly condemns it. So most Evangelicals just figured Catholic concerns about it were based on that Sacred Tradition of theirs (which, of course, it is). However, Schaeffer and others like him managed to wake Evangelicals up and transform them into a powerful prolife force. For which I am very grateful. Most Evangelicals these days are entirely unaware of this and assume two mistaken notions: first, that “the Bible clearly teaches abortion is sin (it doesn’t–apart from Sacred Tradition) and second, that Evangelicals were always staunchly prolife.