I’m reading Peter Kreeft’s Ecumenical Jihad

Very fascinating read. And much more challenging after 9/11. One of my readers was very panicky about this book since he thought it provided damning evidence of Kreeft’s involvement in the New Age. Kreeft, you see, claims in chapter six to have had an out of body experience (OBE) in which he spoke with Confucius, Mohammed, and Buddha.

Now anybody who knows Kreeft or his work knows that the likelihood of him become a New Age enthusiast is somewhere up there with the likelihood of the Red Sox winning the penant, but since I’d not read the whole book, I refrained from too much comment. Now, I’ve seen the chapter in question and can assure my fretful reader that this is typical Kreeftian whimsy. I mean, his “ecstatic experience” is described as taking place while he was surfing! His tongue is planted so firmly in his cheek he can practically lick his ear.

Beware of being a Very Earnest Christian. You’ll not get a lot of jokes and nobody will invite you to parties. Fear not, fearful reader. Peter Kreeft did not *really* have an OBE. This is called “fiction” (much like the next chapter, in which the spirits of Luther and Aquinas appear to C.S. Lewis in his study).

Anyway, Ecumenical Jihad: great book. Buy it. Read it. Be challenged by it.