Elections and your Election

Summa Contra Mundum observes: “Remember, we are one senator and one Supreme Court justice away from being able to legislate for the protection of children in the womb. This election is crucial.”

As I mentioned yesterday, I think we Catholic laypeople have the bishops we deserve, by and large. Their torpor and timidity in the face of gross abuse of children is, in a mysterious and horrifying way, a reflection of ours as lay Catholics. We approach an election in which American Catholics, eager to live at exactly the same room temperature as the rest of the cooling corpse of the Body Politic, will make their contribution to the lowest voter turnout in 60 years by not showing up–in droves. It is also the election in which Catholics could be the decisive difference between life and death for a lot of children. But in our extreme righteousness, we laypeople would prefer to focus our outrage on idiot bishops and overlook our own indifference.

One frequent excuse for this is “The bishops don’t care. Why should I?”

News flash: your dignity (and duty) as a Christian does not come from your bishop. It comes from your baptism. If you are using the cowardice, indifference, stupidity and sin of a bad bishop as your excuse for indulging in your own cowardice, indifference, stupidity and sin, then you are as bad as the bishop you complain about. If you actually have the temerity to point fingers at the bad bishop and complain about his neglect of abused children, while doing nothing to vote pro-life on Tuesday, you are actually worse than he is, because you are pretending to be his moral superior while committing precisely his sin: sitting on your hands and doing nothing to keep children from being abused by abortion.

Vote prolife for sake of the Holy Spirit with whom you were baptized.