AmChurch Inspirational Homilies

A friend of mine was at Sunday Mass at the Cathedral in Seattle. The deacon who gave the homily said something to the effect of, “Well, you were here last Sunday, then back for Christmas. Now you’re here again today and you’ll be back for New Year’s. Why do we keep dragging ourselves here for these services?”

Long pause while parishioners pause to reflect on whether the deacon is undergoing burnout or has always regarded the Mass as such a burdensome annoyance.

“The answer is: we’re here for Family and Diversity!”

That may be your answer, deacon. It ain’t mine. I’m there to worship and receive the Living God in the Holy Eucharist, to hear his word, and to be equipped to love my neighbor and do my mission in the world. I can get Family and Diversity by taking the wife and kidlets to Pike Place Market. To paraphrase Flannery O’Connor, if the Mass is about Family and Diversity, then the hell with it.