Mark Cameron has an interesting piece on Catholic-Jewish relations

with some interesting observations for that small group of Lidless Eyes still pining for the day when Jews can be shoved back into a ghetto (all with the love of Christ, of course). By the way, did you ever notice how often Christians who love to indulge the sin of anger use a) the image of Christ cleansing the Temple and/or b) the phrase “tough love” to justify their every indulgence? It’s as though Jesus did nothing but whip people and overturn tables. Any suggestion that they are, in fact, indulging the sin of anger is righteously slapped down as being “soft” while all appeals to charity are sneered at. Note the pattern the next time you run across an habitually angry Christian. Everybody gets angry sometimes. But people who are habitually angry are especially fond of these passages (oh, and of Matthew 23, another favorite). “Love your enemy” is a passage they don’t like as much, or one they interpret in light of Matthew 23 (“I’m calling you a cockroach because I *wuv* you!”).