I had a wonderful visit!

from David Alexander, the Man in the Black Hat! It’s fun to meet members of St. Blog’s. David came by around 9:45 AM and hung with the fambly for an hour or two. He brought his cool little Homeland Security-approved-so-you-can-get-it-on-a-plane guitar and played some Christmas carols (including an elegant one that combines two legends about Herod) and then we hopped in the car and I took him on the Nickel Tour of Seattle. Saw Green Lake, Cafe Lulu, Blessed Sacrament (yay!), the Seattle Center (including the Space Needle and the Experience Music Project (without doubt the ugliest and most successful attempt by an architect to imitate seagull poop in existence), and the Waterfront. Also, cruised past Pike Place Market and Pioneer Square, as well as regaling my helpless human sacrifice to the god of Tourism with stories about the WTC riot, the Great Jackson Street Pothole, and the Great Quake of ’01. Rounded things up with a brief visit to the Cathedral. David is a swell multi-talented guy and it was a pleasure to finally meet him. He will post his impressions on his blog (he tells me) sometime soon. Thanks for coming by, David! If any of the rest of youse folks come to Seattle, feel free to look me up!