Show me a culture that despises virginity and I’ll show you a culture that hates children

And, as if to oblige me, St. Mark’s in Cleveland, OH (aka Future Church, dedicated to the demolition of Catholic sexual morality as well as other trendinesses) offers the following bulletin announcement for Christmas:


CHRISTMAS MASSES: 4 pm. Mass is the Children’s Mass. It is awful. This is the mass that most people who go twice a year, go to. IT IS CROWDED! People arrive at 3:15 and the church is full by 3:30. After sitting for 45 minutes, Mass begins and it is LOUD and the kids are off the wall! Try the 6 pm. for a nicer atmosphere and spiritual setting. Most beautiful are 10 pm. and 11 am. on Christmas Day. NO 9 am. Mass this year and no morning mass on Christmas Eve Day.


You thought I was kidding about the FutureChurch part? Nope. Same addresses:


15800 Montrose Avenue

Cleveland, Ohio 44111 USA

Phone: 216.228.0869 | Fax: 216.228.4872


St. Mark Church

15800 Montrose Avenue

Cleveland, Ohio 44111


And by the way, if you have aol you may want to check out Father Doug’s personal profile.

Name: you really wanna ask?

Cleveland, Ohio

Single 6’5″, 250

sports, wrestling, cards, golf, piano, sci-fi, theatre, politics

Jeepers! What a hipster! How can somebody as in tune and spiritual as him bother with a bunch of screaming brats. Put a latte machine in the vestibule!