Hey! I’m coming to New Zealand!

April 25-27, I’ll be speaking at a Eucharistic Convention in Auckland.

Now I don’t get Down Under too often, so this is a good shot at having me hop the Pond to Australia while I’m there, as well as going to other place in EnZed. If any of my Aussie/Tasmanian/Kiwi readers are interested in having me out to your parish/diocese/conference/Newman Center or whatnot to speak, now’s your shot, since it will be remarkably cheaper than lugging me all the way from Seattle. However, if you are interested, we need to get moving on this since logistics are a bit complex and will need to be settle in the next month or so. Lemme know, and I will extend my stay appropriately and talk about any or all of the topics mentioned here.

The fees are flexible and the talks are, I think you will find, fun and informative. If you want to hear from a recently satisfied customer, drop a line to Kurt Lucas at the Diocese of Kalamazoo for a recommendation. I can give other references too, if you want them.

Lookin’ forward to the trip!