A reader writes:

I haven’t seen this blogged anywhere, but there’s a disturbing trend in the bioethics discussion: Secular scientists are trying to draw a line between human embyos and humanity – claiming that when they do cloning for research they are not doing human experimentation:

From the AP

“Last week the new institute’s director, Dr. Irving Weissman, said Stanford’s research shouldn’t be considered cloning because its goal is to study disease, not create a baby or replacement organs.”

You can see where this is heading. A preveious generation saw conception and pregnancy redifined as not beginning in conception but in implantation – thus opening the door for many truly abortive methods of birth control to be labeled as contraceptive. Now they are trying to draw another line that will allow them to experiment on , kill, and manipulate “cells” instead of “embyos”. If they succeed, mainstream America – ignorant of the fine distinctions as always – will gladly embrace this research on “cells” to do all these wonder-working cures, and in the next generation will routinely rely on treatments derived from these “cells.”

Yep. Barring a judgement from God, it looks like it will happen.

I wonder how well the war on Terror is *really* going. I wonder what God will permit in order to stop us. Osama killed 3000 innocent Americans. We kill a million and a half every year. But we’re the good guys. Never question that. It’s not possible that the whole world is under judgement, including us. That would imply we are sinful and fallen, an extremely unpopular idea, according to virtually every focus group.