A Coronation Ode for this Festive Day, Meditating on the theme Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

The tusks that clashed in mighty brawls

of mastodons, are billiard balls.

The sword of Charlemagne the Just

Is ferric oxide, known as rust.

The grizzly bear whose potent hug

Was feared by all, is now a rug.

Great Caesar’s bust is on the shelf,

And I don’t feel so well myself. – Arthur Guiterman

Other thoughts, poems, and literary contributions to the festivities and jollification as We ascend Our High Throne are welcome in the, how you say?, comments box. Your Emperor feels it is so terribly important to keep in touch with the concerns of his subjects.

By the way, I had a dog named Gloria Mundi once. I taught her to chase city buses. “Sic transit, Gloria Mundi!” I’d shout and she’d be off.

Thank folks! I’m here all week! Try the veal!