A reader sends along the following:

The following letter to the editor appeared in the Dec. 18 issue of The Long Island Catholic, the newspaper of the Diocese of Rockville Centre:

Editor: As headlines and columns (by Jimmy Breslin in particu-

lar) in Newsday continue to imply that Bishop Murphy was signifi-

cantly involved in the handling of sex abuse allegations against

priests in the Boston Archdiocese, TLIC readers might be inter-

ested to know that in the Boston Globe’s book “Betrayal, the

Crisis in the Catholic Church,” there is at most only passing and

insignificant reference to Bishop Murphy. And this represents,

according to the Globe, its “full findings of the investigation

into the church sexual abuse scandal” in Boston. Another Msgr.

William F. Murphy, also mentioned several times in that book, is

not the William F. Murphy who is now bishop here in Rockville


Mr. Breslin has also implied that Bishop Murphy is culpable in

handling such allegations which were reported in the Rockville

Centre Diocese. I’ve recently completed a seven-month investiga-

tion into that problem, and can attest that there have been no

allegations of sexual misconduct during Bishop Murphy’s watch.

Apropos of William Schroeder’s letter (TLIC 12/11/02) regarding

Newsday’s biased treatment of this issue, it should be noted that

I sent Newsday a letter similar to this one; but the entire first

paragraph dealing with the Boston Globe’s findings, was rejected

for publication, first by the Op-Ed page editor, then by the

publisher, following my personal phone call to him. It seems as

though facts that do not accord with Newsday’s agenda vis-a-vis

the Catholic Church simply won’t find their way onto Newsday’s


Denis Dillon

District Attorney, Nassau County

Denis Dillon used to be a Democrat, the only county-wide elected Democrat in an overwhelmingly Republican county. (Nassau now has a Democratic administration because the previous Republican administration was so incompetent, which can happen when any party becomes too entrenched.) He also was the only pro-life Democratic politician in the county. He is now a Republican. Some years ago he was either forced out of the party or harassed so much that he decided to switch. The Democrats threw away their only elected official because he was pro-life, a fact that should be considered by any pro-life voter who votes for Democrats.

The last paragraph of his letter is slightly hyperbolic. Newsday did print his second paragraph. Also, in November it printed an Op-Ed column by Philip F. Lawler entitled “Bishops Fail to Take Responsibility” and the other day it printed an excellent column by George Weigel on the situation. (I don’t buy Newsday, which has a long history of anti-Catholicism, but I see other people’s or libraries’ copies from time to time.)