The War of the Rose (Episode MMMCCCLXVIII)

In the latest entry from the “We Won’t Take Yes for an Answer” Department, The Michael Rose Defense League keeps battering away at Fr. Rob Johansen, months after he agreed to draconian demands to curb free speech lest Rose’s thin skin be pricked. It’s not enough, apparently, that Johansen agreed to muzzle himself. The kicking must continue. All part of that merciful and forebearing True Spirit of Christ thing, no doubt. And all the safer for the courageous members of the MRDL since they know perfectly well that Johansen *can’t* reply to them, due to the muzzle. Quelle courage!

I’m beginning to get the distinct impression that Rose just can’t cope with criticism. But then I’ve met the sibling of one of the people he accuses of being gay and heard the hysterical laughter of derision at the charge, so I’m not sold on Rose’s methods as a crack investigative reporter. To me, it’s looking like “concern for the good of the Church” is morphing into “concern for getting those who criticized my book.” I wish the guy would take his lumps for writing a controversial book, move on, and write something else. It’s getting old.