Rod, perhaps the best compromise would have been…

Guilty, with a suspended sentence. Sort of like the end of Leon Uris’ QBVII. A fine or something.

By the way, I still think Keeler is extremely eager to practice human sacrifice in order to save his derriere. Just as he offered accused priests up for human sacrifice to the press a couple of months ago, he also offered Stokes as a human sacrifice when the abuse happened and, most recently, offered Blackwell (and–depending on how popular vigilantism becomes after this–perhaps others) as human sacrifices by refusing to condemn the jury’s finding and opting instead to just pose for the cameras. As I noted earlier, the practical result of the trials was about right. I don’t think Stokes should go up the river and I don’t think it wildly out of keeping with justice that a rapist feel the consequences of his rape. But from the standpoint of jurisprudence, the jury’s decision is catastrophic. It sets a clear precedent of defining a class of human beings (priests accused of molestation) as fit targets for murder. The function of a bishop is to say to such acts in the public sphere, “That is false, not because they are priests, but because they are human.” Keeler, as is apparently his custom, opted not to be a bishop, but a smiling face for a camera. Despicable. He’s kept his skirts nice and clean, but at horrendous cost to the public good and to the good of his priests. God have mercy on him.