Stokes mostly found not guilty

The practical results of this trial seem about right to me: the guy doesn’t go up the river forever, his abuser has a pain in the hip to remind him that sin is evil. However, this statement troubles me greatly:

“This is a statement not just for me, but for every person who has been abused by anyone,” Stokes said as he walked out of the courthouse last night.

Which, being translated, can mean, “It’s open season on priests!”

Sorry, but vigilantism is not the answer here. It’s hard to blame the guy (I have good friends who are victims of abuse and I know how much it’s hurt them). But I would not be much of a friend to say to my friends, “What will really help your soul is for you to take a gun and hunt that bastard down. Don’t worry! God will smile on it. He wasn’t serious about all that forgiveness BS. Be as murderous and bitter as you like.”