Kinda like I thought

Pete Vere concurs with my wife (and me) that this whole “smoking gun” with Law cast as Nuremburg defendant (“Mein Fuehrer, I vas yust following orders”) is pretty much a non-starter in the “JPII is the Evil Force behind Priestly Abuse” Scoop Sweepstakes. I think the Post badly misread the document in the hope they had a Pulitzer in hand and in the rush to make a deadline. I don’t think this, by itself, is evidence of a “press conspiracy”. Rather, it is evidence that people jump the gun when they are really really really hoping for a scoop. I hope the NY Post will issue a retraction of its patently false claim (a claim flatly disproven by the evidence they themselves present) that “Law was just following orders from his boss – Pope John Paul II – when he sent suspected pedophile priests back to work in parishes with kids”. In fact, the document shows exactly the opposite: that JPII approved the defrocking of an abuser, not “sending him back to work in parishes”. If the Post doesn’t retract, then there begins to be a case for deliberate distortion of the news in order to attack JPII. Till then, it’s just a case of a reporter and editorial staff making a snap judgment based on documents they did not clearly understand. It happens. Don’t have too much of a cow over it. Reporters make mistakes sometimes.