So hard to please everybody

To some of the more obsessed people who comment over on Amy’s blog, I’m a sycophantic apologist for the hierarchy. Yet, to RC, I am simultaneously among the ranters and ravers who call daily for Law’s resignation. I’ve made no particular secret of the fact that I think the Holy Father is leaving the American episcopacy to face the music and clean up its messes (hence I am an evil apologist for the Evil Pope, according to some). But I’ve also made no secret of the fact that I think this is a calculated gamble which is not guaranteed to work and which, in the case, of Cardinal Law, looks rather like it’s not working. So, yeah, I think Cardinal Law should go and I hope he does. However, I sincerely doubt that blogging this opinion constitutes either ranting or raving, nor do I think the Vatican is monitoring my blog, eager to get my opinion before they make their next move. So I also sincerely doubt Rome is feeling any pressure capable of making them “buckle” from this quarter. Think of me as Statler or Waldorf from the Muppet Show. My peanut gallery remarks do not a juggernaut of political pressure make.