Catechumen seeks advice

I’m a catechumen eagerly seeking baptism, but my parents (HIndus, who emigrated from India in the 70s) are strongly opposed. (It might be useful to know that I’m a 20 year old undergrad.)

My father, who is loving and amazingly dedicated, is extremely concerned and feels personal rejection at the fact that I would choose Christianity instead of following the tradition of his parents and grandparents, etc. I want to communicate to him that my choice is *not* a rejection, but this will be a difficult task! He is having problems with his own father, and the last thing he needs is for his son to convert to a religion he doesn’t understand. I really fear that the way things are now, my baptism could seriously damage our family.

My mother is much more open to the idea personally, but she is very concerned about my father’s feelings and emotional state, and also about whether I will make a decision I will later regret. In other words, she’s being protective.

But I have hope! My mother has asked me about what she could read, so I wanted to ask your readers for suggestions. She has a bible, and some good books on basic doctrine. Are there any works readers can suggest that are warm, open, profound? Works that don’t deal with doctrines/dogmas, or technicalities, but works that evoke the beauties of Christian prayer, or Our Lord’s Sacrifice, or Sin/Redemption, or how not only non-intellectuals believe in Sacramentalism? I would especially love books that demonstrate to her that Catholicism is not exclusionary or bigoted, but rather open and warm. And of course I don’t want anything that might in any way alienate a Hindu mother who is trying to understand what her son is thinking! I hope the best way to my father will be through my mother. Any help is greatly greatly appreciated. And pray for me!

PS: Books/tapes are great, but the less expensive the better. College student = no cash.

Don’t have much experience with folks from a Hindu background and so am not sure what might scratch where they itch. Peter Kreeft’s Fundamentals of the Faith might be of help. Anybody else have any recommendations?