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A reader writes:

I don’t know if any of your readers let you know about a response to your request (via reader) to send emails concerning the planned parenthood stuff on USF’s site. I received this back in reply to the email I sent. It is kind of mushy in wording, but at least the material has been removed. Hopefully when students contact them directly then won’t refer them to banned parenthood and its ilk. The following is the email received:

I have received your comments regarding the Student Health Education Program website. We will take your concerns under advisement as we review the site content. In the meantime, while we make a decision regarding the information provided on the pregnancy section of the website, we have eliminated all website links and are asking our students to contact us directly with inquiries.


Margaret M. Higgins, Ph.D.

Vice President for University Life

Chief Student Affairs Officer

University of San Francisco