Unleash the Power of the Blog!

A reader writes:

After seeing on your blog the link to USF and how they use webspace to advertise for Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers, I decided to act. First, I e-mailed the link to all the good Jebbies I know, and they started mailing it out to other good Jebbies they knew, and word started to pass. Several of them contacted USF and started objecting. Then, I went over to Free Republic and posted the link here–www.freerepublic.com/focus/religion/800614/posts– and requested people to e-mail to the Bishop of San Fran, the California Province, and the President of USF. I think a lot of people e-mailed in to these people, and I already got a reply from the president of USF. They are starting to feel the heat. We can get this link removed from the site if we keep up the pressure. Here are the e-mail addresses for the Bishop, the Province, and the President respectively:

Most Rev. William J. Levada mersont@sfarchdiocese.org

California Province Jesuits calprovsj@calprov.org

Stephen A. Privett S.J. privett@usfca.edu

Could you please post these e-mail addresses on your blog, inform people of the e-mail campaign and ask them to join in?

My screen name at Free Republic = pseudo-justin

P.S. Let’s try to get all of St. Blog’s involved in the campaign. It is worth it…

The great thing about academics is that they are typically spineless cowards who really do respond to sufficient pressure. However you, gentle reader, must supply that pressure.