Spiritual AIDS and How it Works

A bishop like Cardinal L (L for, uh, Leukocyte. Yeah, that’s it! That’s the ticket! Leukocyte) is supposed to, among other things see to it that pathogens in the Body of Christ can’t multiply and cause infections, disease and death. However, due to a severe infection of AIDS brought on by his moral idiocy of the highest order, he can no longer do that job since nobody takes him seriously and yet he is still there, in office, supposedly teaching, governing and sanctifying. The reason he is so ineffective now is because he did not seriously oppose a culture of sexual license and dissent in his archdiocese for 20 long years but instead greased the wheels of institutional machinery while that culture raped the children of the flock and he protected the rapists.

Now come the victims of Stockholm Syndrome. These are people who have been raped–spiritually and/or physically–by advocates of the culture of sexual license and dissent, yet whose only catechesis came from the people who raped and victimized them. So, knowing nothing else, they parrot the only twaddle they know and demand even *more* of a culture of sexual license and dissent. Indeed, so strongly are they imprinted on their victimizers that a lawyer for one of the victims once said of Paul Shanley, “If he weren’t a damned pervert, he’d be my hero.” With moral and spiritual compasses thus so much more well-attuned than that of Cardinal L, they think they are being progressive when in fact they are being fools. Cardinal L, compromised moral idiot though he is, can at least see this, and so tries to stop them from hurrying forward with the demolition of Catholic teaching which their pastor advocates. However, he does it in such a ham-fisted way, that he alienates still more people. Even people who know that Pastor Stockholm Syndrome at Our Lady of Perpetual License and Dissent is very bad news indeed.

At which point, a parasitic infection called a “journalist” steps in to helpfully cast the whole conflict in the white hat/black hat terms so beloved by American media. The Stockholm Syndrome parish is “vibrant” and the idiot pastor is “outspoken” while, of course, the bishop is an authoritarian ogre whose only conceivable rationale for his acts is the raw exercise of power. Catholic teaching is thus further delegitimated and the victims of Stockholm Syndrome continue their lemming-like rush toward repeating the tragedies of the past by urging still more Paul Shanleys to find their voice and overthrow the “oppressive” doctrines of chastity.

Nice job, Cardinal L!