Having blogged what I did below about Cdl Ratzinger’s remarks…

I want to hasten to add that the other side of the coin is, “Just because the press hates the Church is no sign that the problem is overblown.” Case in point: the illustrious career of the impenitent Rev. Robert V. Meffan , who seduced young girls and who still believes his sexual relationships with teenage girls were ”beautiful, spiritual” experiences intended to bring young people closer to God. The good reverend was, naturally, warmly commended by Cardinal Law (who knew all about this shit) as late as 1996 with the words: “”Without doubt over these years of generous care, the lives and hearts of many people have been touched by your sharing of the Lord’s Spirit. We are truly grateful.” He was also shuffled around for years and years after Bp. D’Arcy (who seems to have been the only sensible person in the Boston hierarchy) urged Law to ditch the guy. When he spouts his impenitent drivel, Cardinal Ratzinger would be better employed asking why Law has not begun excommunication proceedings against Meffan than by whining about the mean media.