A reader writes something which seems rather appropriate for Advent

It takes the threat of immediate annihilation to get anybody’s attention, and even then there’s an habituation effect.

Armageddon again? What’s on TV?

It’s even more marked (excuse the expression) when you have a slow-developing, silent Armageddon, like genetic modification of the human germ line.

The gospels have plenty of passages in which Jesus talks about staying awake, foolish virgins, servants raiding the liquor cabinet while the boss is away – over and over again.

Then, as the piece de resistance, the apostles can’t even stay awake on the night of the betrayal of God. The gospels *have no illusions* about human beings. When I think of the would-be followers of Jesus at Gethsemene, I think of rather serious, sad clowns.

It’s one of the major themes, IMHO, of the gospels. *Wake up!* It’s as if He’s yelling at them.

The (visible) Church doesn’t seem much different, despite reading and supposedly meditating on these passages, and themselves, over and over again. Not only do the orders of the Church keep dozing off, they keep failing each other, pratfalling, slandering, gossiping, fornicating, lying, cheating, pushing, prevaricating despite, presumably, knowing better.

What’s wrong with us? Don’t you ever feel like beating your head on a wall? I know I do.

If you don’t feel like beating your head against a wall now and then, you’re not alive.