Andrew Sullivan can be so sensible sometimes

Radical Islam and the Left have a secret thread in common: at bottom, both worship power. Leftism’s fealty to Radical Islam starts to make sense when you recognize that the Left has always adored those who seek power ruthlessly. When you don’t believe in God, all there is left to believe in is power.

The right can also fall prey to this, of course. But the Left seems to have less resistance, since its tendency to radical rejection of God breaks down the immune system faster. The right’s conservatism tends to hold on to old Christian ideas about original sin long after the Left has embraced utopian notions of the perfectibility of human beings and utopian ideas about creating heaven on earth. Hence the current prostitution of the Left as it seeks to cling to power or, failing that, to destroy what is good (“The devil is furious, for he knows his time is short.”) The right can fall prey to Power Worship too (see Rand, Ayn) and so open itself to a cold oligarchical pride and arrogance that is sort of a photographic negative of Stalin.

The Ring corrupts us according to our nature. But it surely corrupts.

The only way out, of course, is the only way there has ever been: Christ. He alone can give us the power to embrace death before we die. The Left is sort of like the Northern kingdom of Israel. It’s easy to see the apostasy, especially when you live in Judah and pride yourself on being the Remnant. But conservatives had better watch out. To whom much is given, much will be required. The prophets are harder on Judah than they are on Israel. In the end, the verdict is still “All have sinned.” The Right can easily become another adorer of power, and harder to redeem because they aren’t those awful Lefties who adore power.