I wonder if he’ll go

David Morrison sends the following to Eric, who has so much certainty about the sinister nature of Courage:

Eric, before you come to next to Washington DC, drop me a line and let me know you are coming and try to be here over a Monday night. I would like to invite you to a meeting of the Washington D.C. Courage chapter. If you are going to hold such pronounced and strong opinions about how destructive Courage is I think it would be useful for you to actually meet some of the Courageous and hear how the organization has helped them in their Christian lives. Also, have you ever met Father John Harvey, the Founder of Courage, who has worked with with men and women seeking to live chaste lives for more than 50 years? Or have you read anything he has written? Or even have you read Beyond Gay, which is my book about the topic from the faithful lay Catholic perspective?

David Morrison,

Author of Beyond Gay (Our Sunday Visitor Press 1999)

Founder and Moderator of Courage Online

Blogger at Sed Contra