Comment box Frequenter Sandra Miesel in the December issue of Crisis

“Swinging at Windmills: A Close Look at Catholic Conspiracy Theories”

Have Freemasons infiltrated the Vatican? Is there a secret Jewish plot to destroy the Church? Are communists preparing for a worldwide resurgence? Sandra Miesel investigates the dubious claims of popular Catholic conspiracy theories.

This reminds me of one of my favorite stories. Years ago, a good friend attended a conference in Lichtenstein at some school there with ties to Rome. The National Catholic Reporter, which advocates the Loopy Left conspiracy fringe much as CAI or the Remnant advocate the Loopy Right conspiracy fringe, had some series of articles detailing their theory that the Pope was involved in some sinister intrique with the this school (among other groups) to restore the Hapsburg dynasty and bring all of Europe under the Iron Grip of the Papacy!!!! This provide great amusement for the people at the school. When one of the Hapsburgs married, a muckety muck from the school (who had shared many chuckles with the Hapsburg groom about the NCR conspiracy theory), wired the groom on his wedding night to say, “Phase One is complete. Proceed to Phase Two!”