Mark Cameron quotes Chesterton on Islam

I would simply note that Chesterton elsewhere writes rather voluminously on the ability of the Catholic faith to affirm and “digest” what is good in non-Christian traditions. One tendency (particularly during wartime) is to paint the Enemy as wholly black and to see any attempts at affirming what is held in common as treason. I’m not at all confident Law is guilty of this. The newspaper article I linked does not make it clear what Law’s prayer consisted of. Was it a ceremonial bow offered? Did he pray silently as a Christian in the posture of Muslim reverence for God? Did he pray in common with the Muslims (which is probably very problematic depending on what is being prayed?). I don’t know because the article is not clear and I wouldn’t hang a dog based on a reporter’s understanding of what goes on in a Catholic liturgy, much less at Muslim prayers. My point was simply that the *automatic* judgment that Law had done wrong was extremely premature in my view. As is the automatic judgement that there is absolutely no good to be found in Islam. Like it or not, the Church says otherwise and affirms that there is good to be found there, as there is good to be found in paganism. Our task is to oppose what is evil there (even to the point of arms) and to affirm what is good. We cannot slack in either task.