More Mysteries of the Atheistic Worldview

Down below, one of my atheist readers makes two blithe statements which baffle me. At one point he declares that such and so would be wrong because “conscience and reason” tell him so. He also declares he has a “right to life”.

Question: Conscience and reason are, on the atheist’s showing, products of mindless forces at work on our biology, just as appetite or sexuality are products of mindless forces (allegedly). We are, according to the atheist, free to artificially thwart our appetites and sexuality and I think our atheist friends would argue that there’s nothing wrong with that, no? Why are we not then guiltless if we thwart conscience and reason too? They are, after all, just another by-product of molecular activity. If you tell me we are evolutionarily “programmed” to obey conscience I answer that we are evolutionarily programmed to reproduce. Yet somehow it is morally neutral to practice contraception of the reproductive system (allegedly) but “wrong” to practice contraception of conscience and reason when they get in the way of what we want. Why, it’s almost as if there is a Judge in the background, saying we are, oh, what’s the word I’m looking for… sinning?…if we ignore our conscience.

Second question: why do you think the idea of a “spirit” is baseless superstition (since it cannot be subjected to scientific measurement), yet you subscribe to the existence of odorless, colorless, massless “rights”? If never seen, heard, tasted, felt, smelt, weighed or measured a “right”, yet you seem to insist they exist anyway? Where do “rights” come from?