This could be entertaining

In my book, By What Authority?, I argue that, on the basis of the bare text of Scripture alone, there is no ironclad case for monogamy as the only legitimate conception of marriage. The real reason figures like James Dobson imagine that it is, is because they have imbibed Sacred Tradition without realizing it. (Martin Luther, by the way, agrees with me.)

Now comes this helpful fellow, a bible centered Polish Christian who argues the biblical case for polygamy and declares the anti-polygamist to be an enemy of God.

If you are a Christian who rejects the Catholic idea of Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture as the “twin streams” of revelation, feel free to use my comments box to construct an argument against this guy on the basis of the bare text of Scripture alone. Remember, you can’t just show that monogamy is okay with God. You have to got the distance and show that monogamy is the *only* legitimate Christian conception of marriage and you have to do it without an implicit or explicit appeal to Sacred Tradition.

That is your mission, should you choose to accept it. This blog will now self-destruct in ten seconds.