There are Christians who Define Themselves in Terms of What They Are Not

Some Protestants spend virtually no time proclaiming their Faith because they are too busy Not Being Catholic (like the guys at what I affectionately refer to as Theoretically, they are about Jesus. Really, they are about attacking Catholics.

Likewise, there are Catholics whose principal self-defining characteristic is that they are not Protestant, not neo, not Novus Ordo, not rigid, not orthodox, not this, not that. At the Reactionary Dissent end of the spectrum, we just met the helpful people at Novus Ordo Watch today. At the liberal Dissent end are the extremely self-satisfied suburbanites at St. Joan of Arc parish, who are all about not being “rigid pre-Vatican II” Catholics (or Catholics in any discernible sense at all).

Well, it turns out the Orthodox are fallen in this regard too. For some, it’s more important to be Not Roman than to be Orthodox.