A Problem That May Be Coming Down the Pike Someday for Christians

is the insistence by some conservative Jews that the Temple be rebuilt after the razing of the Dome of the Rock.

I’ve given this little thought myself, but I suspect it will throw Evangelical supporters into a tailspin while the Catholic Church (as is its custom) will be more deliberate about its response. Obviously, for Christians, the reinstitution of Temple worship and animal sacrifices is absolutely unnecessary. Hebrews is all about this. However, the fact that Christianity and Temple worship could co-exist for 40 years suggests that it could co-exist again, should Jews succeed (which is a *very* long shot) in rebuilding the Temple on the Temple Mount.

Personally, I don’t think it’s ever gonna happen. The hard reality is that Israel exists as long as the US is a superpower. When we go away, it will, in all likelihood go away (unless it can befriend anothe superpower). And I seriously doubt the US is going to plump for backing the razing of the Dome of the Rock and the rebuilding of the Temple. So, both politically and theologically, I see no good reason for it. Neither divine nor human power seems to me to back up this dream.