The “Progression” from Rational to Irrational Atheism

In the good old days, atheists were bold, muscular manly men who courageously offered that they were paragons of Reason bringing the light of Truth to a world huddling in fear and ignorance due to the hoodoo and priestcraft of benighted fools. Science and Reason were the new colossi which would sweep aside medieval superstition that kept us in darkness and ignorance. Light would come, not through mystical mysteries, but through true rationality based on scientific investigation. This was the ringing cry that found its voice in the Enlightenment and hit its stride in the 19th Century.

Alas, this robust and simple-minded certainty that Reason rather than Faith was the wave of the future is all but spent now. Carl Sagan was one of the last of the antique Rational Atheists. Now atheism sounds much more like Andy in my comments box: “Ah, so Mind (whatever that is) is rooted in the fundamental Reason (whatever that is) that is the mind of God (whatever that is).”

Andy, as is his custom, is mostly trying to score points by ridicule rather than actual argument. But he points out his own problem inadvertantly. For the atheist, at the end of the day, is now reduced to saying “I don’t know what Mind is, but mine is still superior to a theist’s. I don’t know what Reason is, but it’s still superior to Faith. I don’t know what the Mind of God is, but I’m sure that it can’t possibly exist. Why? Because my mind (whatever that is) tells me that God’s existence is contrary to Reason (whatever that is).”

In short, atheism comes down to saying “No!” to God for any reason or no reason. Atheism is not about reason ultimately. It’s quite willing to reject the very idea of reason if reason begins to point to God. The children of heresy always kill their parents. Irrational atheists are now in the process of destroying, not Christianity, but rationalism.