Glob of chemicals named “Andy” struggles to show that its epiphenomena are “true”

while Christian globs of chemicals have epiphenomena that are “false” and even “ridiculous”.

Actually, Andy, the point is that, on your showing “mind” is simply one contortion on the idiotic face of matter. Why should I think it “higher” or more important than any other? And why should I think the contortions on the accidental brain chemistries of atheists “better” than the contortions on the brain chemistries of believers. It’s like arbitrarily declaring that this piece of driftwood is “better” or “superior to” or “smarter than” that one. On the Judeo-Christian showing, mind is the creation of Mind. It is rooted in fundamental Reason that is the mind of God. Mind is not necessarily rational because it is the creation of spirit rather than idiotic matter. It is (or can be) rational if it is the creation of Reason. There’s nothing specially fine about mere spirit, since spirit is not necessarily rational. The devil, in Christian reckoning, is a spirit, but one that has perverted all its faculties (including reason) to fundamentally absurd ends. So Christians do not believe that a mind arising from mere spirit is somehow automatically rational. A mind under the influence of that spirit called Satan is, indeed, profoundly irrational.