Battle Lines in California Catholicism

It wasn’t hard to foresee that Bp. Weigand will be opposed by Catholic Whores for Baby-Killing.

By the way, I think it highly unlikely Weigand will win this battle, but that does not make it one unworthy of fighting. I shall be very surprised if the good Cardinal of LA backs him up. My expectation for rhetoric from AmChurch types is summed up by the last couple grafs of the story.

There may also be a difference of opinion about the governor within the Catholic Church. Davis and his wife regularly attend Good Shepherd Church in Beverly Hills. Good Shepherd pastor Colm O’Ryan did not return calls from The Bee requesting an interview, nor did his bishop, Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony.

However, in an interview with San Francisco’s Faith, a Catholic publication, O’Ryan said he was not bothered by Davis’ abortion rights stance.

“Oh, no,” he was quoted as saying in Faith’s February 2003 edition. “He’s a very private person. He’s a very faithful Catholic. He and his wife come to Mass very faithfully when they are in town.”

O’Ryan said that his own stance toward the governor was “judge not and you shall not be judged.

Another AmChurch Catholic named Roger Taney felt that way about slavery. Weenies will lament Weigand’s act as an attempt by Imperial Rome to interfere in American politics. Bunk. Davis can do what he likes in the Governor’s mansion and the Church can’t do a damn thing to stop him besides appeal to hearts and minds. AmChurch Weenie rhetoric about some mythical Roman desire to return to beheading people is the normal twaddle to be expected from people who care more about accomodating culture than proclaiming the gospel. In case they hadn’t heard, “persuasion” is a legitimate tool of American citizens–even if they are Catholics. Gray Davis is free to do as he likes and Bp. Weigand will not be leading a mob with torches to curtail Davis’ abuse of his freedom. Davis just shouldn’t try to do as he pleases in the house of God. His AmChurch Weenie apologists would have told Ambrose he was being too hard on Theodosius for refusing him communion after slaughtering the Thessalonians. “The Catholic Church needs to be more affirming of Theodosius’ hard choices and not impose its morality on others.” You Weenies can join in affirming slaughterers and the politicians who love them in their okayness. The task of a bishop is to teach, govern, and sanctify: a task far too few bishops have been willing to take up. Bravo Bp. Weigand!