More on Good Bishop Weigand

A reader sez:

I think bishop Weigand’s decision to deny Gray Davis access to the Eucharist is a very significant move. Joseph Graham ‘Gray’ Davis has a serious dilemma. Being a California Democrat, he can’t afford to be anything but a pro-choice radical, on the other hand, he relies on his Catholic identity for the votes of blue-collar and Hispanic Catholics. So, he can’t outright reject the Church, on the other hand, he won’t get anywhere close to the Catholic position on abortion. My bet is that in the coming days Davis is going to try to strong-arm Weigand for some sort of ‘understanding’ or shop around for a more sympathetic bishop. As for the former case, I don’t think he has a chance: Weigand realizes that this is not only the right course to follow in order to shepherd an errant member of his flock, but also an important teaching moment for the Church. God willing, the good bishop will not budge. This, I’m sure, will infuriate a governor who considers it a divine right to have his way. And, if the past has anything to teach us, he will seek some sort of retribution (“Gov. Davis announces that he will panel a committee to investigate the malfeasance of the bishops in the current child abuse scandal”).

Here’s my hope: that this courageous action will be mirrored by other bishops, for the lives of the unborn, the good of the country, and for the souls of those politicians who have gone astray, adopting the ways of the world and not of God.