Evangelicalese as She is Spoke

A century ago, the immortal Pedro Carolino, an enterprising Portuguese, created the delightful work “English as She is Spoke”. It was an English/Portuguese phrasebook to help the Portuguese holidaymaker communicate with power and eloquence to his English-speaking hosts in America and England. As you might guess from the title, Carolino’s reach exceeded his grasp. He did not, in fact, know any English. However, nothing daunted, he acquired an English/French phrasebook and a French/Portuguese phrasebook and set to work educating his countrymen on various English “phrases and idiotisms” such as “The dog that bark than bite” and “to craunch a marmoset”.

Seeking the intercession of Blessed Pedro Carolino, I propose something similar and ask for your input as I begin collecting ideas for my own phrasebook. This will not be cross-lingual, but cross-cultural. For I propose to draft a Catholic/Evangelical phrasebook which will translate ideas and concepts used in one culture into the language of the other.

For example, “Ministry” means, in Evangelicalese, what Catholics mean by “apostolate”. Other samples include the following:

Catholic term/Evangelical cognate


charism/spiritual gift

venial sin/stumbling

mortal sin/backsliding



I’m trying to think of other cognate terms. Can you think of any?