When Worlds Collide

I’ve mentioned in the past the difference in jargon and culture between those who speak Catholicese and those who speak Evangelicalese. Eve Tushnet, in the midst of her adventures at the prolife march on Washington, recounts this little vignette:

Fun with Protestants: We ran into a group from the Oligarch’s area of Virginia, and one of the marchers asked us, “And where do you fellowship at?” Slight pause, Oligarch correctly translates this as “What church do you belong to?” and answers, but later notes wryly, “Yeah, I ‘fellowship at’ [St. X], except I go there alone, and I don’t talk to anyone!”

As a bilingual Evangelical Catholic, I find this hilarious.

By the way, Eve also notes the *youth* of the crowd. Aging Boomer Narcissists take note. Your cult of selfishness has earned the scorn of your children. Perhaps they’ve begun to figure out that they’re only here because they weren’t murdered by the most narcissistic generation in history. Nothing makes you appreciate life like being shot at without effect.