Dreher v. Goldberg

…on the Death Penalty. Dreher knocks ‘im dead. His argument is a killer. He murders him! It’s a slaughter! He doesn’t leave us hanging. He fires away!

(Just trying to inject humor.) [slap!]

By the way, for one of the more dramatic examples of the corrosive effects of “gallows be thy name” obsession with Maximum Death from allegedly Christian people, read this very clear and bold statement for life (courtesy of Amy’s blog) and then witness this extraordinary exchange in her comments boxes. One of the most amazing contortions of logic I’ve seen from the pro-death penalty crowd in quite a while. Somehow, the bishop’s statement of support for the unborn transmogrifies into a basis for a charge of indifference to the victims of 9/11. Fascinating how the sin of anger eats at reason like a canker.

Update: the case for capital punishment in Amy’s comments box has now climaxed with this stunning complaint against Evil Pope JPII and his Horrible Requests for Mercy: “If Jesus followed the Pope’s example, He would have organized protests at all crucifixion sites.” I think this is without question one of the weirdest, flesh-creepingest rhetorical misfires ever written by a Christian Death Penalty Maximalist.