For All Youse Folks in the Seattle Area

The G. K. Chesterton Society Presents:

“John Henry Newman and Victorian Religion”

A Lecture by Edward Alexander, Ph.D.,

Department of English, University of Washington.

Smith Hall

Room 105

University of Washington

Wednesday, January 29, 7:30 PM

All attendees are invited to enjoy refreshments (pizza and pop) after the talk and discussion.

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Remaining Chesterton Meetings for the 2002-3 Academic Year

Feb. 26, 7:30, Fireside Room, Student Union Building, Seattle Pacific University. Dale Ahlquist, President, The American Chesterton Society. “The Undiscovered Chesterton.” Co-sponsored by the Discovery Institute.

April 23, 7:30, Casey Commons, Seattle University. Andrew Tadie, Department of English, Seattle University, lecture to be announced. (James Mesa of Newman University was originally scheduled to speak on this date. We regret to announce that he is seriously ill.)

May 21, 7:30, Casey Commons, Seattle University. Fr. James Schall, Department of Political Science, Georgetown University. “On Seeing What Is: Hillaire Belloc on Walking”

The G. K. Chesterton Society sponsors lectures and discussion aimed at facilitating a Catholic perspective on issues of interest to current students. For more information, call or write Phillip Goggans (206-281-2080).

The Chesterton Society is big fun. As a founding member, sometime organizer, and enthusiastic supporter, I urge you to come join us!