Amazing how the Internet Works

A reader sez:

I saw the Reisman story that you referenced in the “Cloud No Bigger Than A Man’s Hand“, and sent it off to some survivor activists. Then I visited the comment box, saw the link to the “Sirman” story, and sent THAT rebuttal of Reisman’s charges to the same list.

Dr. Reisman has learned of this, and arises to defend her work.

She writes:

I have gotten this article of falsehoods from several friends, including Stephen Brady who suggested that you were an honest person.

The story below was planted by the Kinsey Institute many years ago. It surfaces every time Kinsey’s well documented solicitation and yes payment of pedophiles and pederasts to sexually violate children is exposed to the light.

The Kinsey Institute has had over 20 years to disprove my findings. All are validated.

Anyone concerned about my data should go to my website,, and browse through the documentation therein.

Those claiming to care about children are obligated to do so prior to assaulting my credibility.


Judith Reisman

I’m afraid I don’t know anything about Dr. Reisman so I’m no help there. Doug Sirman is a friend of mine and would not consciously bear false witness against anybody. So either Doug’s right or he’s gotten bad info, but he’s not malicious. I hope they can work it out and will be interested in the resolution. Knowing Doug, it will be fair.