A.N.S.W.E.R does its best to make the anti-war movement absolutely abhorrent to normal healthy people

You see, when I look for decent arguments against the war, I primarily see this stuff as the answer. Most unpersuasive, yet ANSWER is not a fringe freak show, ANSWER is the *organizer* and guiding light of the anti-war poltroon brigade. Where is the anti-Weigel? Somebody give me something serious here. I’m really interested in hearing it.

By the way, one of my readers asked, “Why are so many American Catholics so eager to put their own church’s teaching and pronouncements in the closet? To me, there’s not a lot of difference between the way we ignore the church on birth control and the way we ignore the church on war. Americans put their patriotism and political loyalties ahead of other values, that’s clear. The left wants to pick and choose on birth control and abortion, the right wants to pick and choose on the death penalty and war.”

Well, the difference, of course, is that the Church has bound our conscience with respect to birth control and abortion. They are intrinsically immoral (especially abortion). The Church has not bound our conscience with respect to the prospect of war with Iraq. It remains a prudential judgement and the American bishops have specifically said, “We offer not definitive conclusions, but rather our serious concerns and questions in the hope of helping all of us to reach sound moral judgments. People of good will may differ on how to apply just war norms in particular cases, especially when events are moving rapidly and the facts are not altogether clear.”

With the death penalty, I agree that it should not be inflicted unless it is necessary to protect innocent life, but even that is not in the same ballpark as artificial contraception and (especially) abortion. The Church does not say the DP is intrinsically immoral. It grants Caesar’s right to execute, but urges mercy.

Still, I hear you. There *is* a contempt for the Church’s counsels of mercy on the right at times.