I haven’t had a real TV for years and years

Consequently, I miss most of what’s popular on the tube (gladly). I also see reruns only very sporadically (like when I’m out of town and have nothing to do in a hotel).

I recently saw MASH again after a long hiatus. Urk! It was like digging up something dead that should have stayed buried! Am I the only one who once thought MASH was a brilliant poke in the eye of the Establishment and who now thinks it is one of the creakiest, cheapest, sermonizing, Manichaean, shallow, and bromide-filled things to vex the idle hours of late night Rerunville? Sure, it’s got snappy puns and dialogue but sheesh! Talk about a show that has not aged well! I remember Larry Linville once complaining bitterly that Frank Burns was not a character but a comic device who existed for the other characters to make fun of. I now see that every character who does not fully endorse the proto-PC aphorisms of Hawkeye and Co is that. There was an attempt at something besides demonization of the military with the introduction of Col Potter (a career military guy who was not a goosestepping moron). But that lasted only until the rough edges could be buffed off and Potter could be tamed to spout the same 70s inanities as everybody else in the cast. A very wearisome show to watch these days.