A cloud no bigger than a man’s hand

From the “I hate being right all the time” department I offer you this article. Some months back in this space I predicted that a culture which is as obsessed with sexual license as ours has no place but one to go in the matter of sexual abuse of minors. For the moment, of course, there are howls of horror. But that won’t keep as it becomes clearer and clearer that horror over abuse of children threatens a Protected Victim Class: homosexuals. So there will be more and more pressure to class pedophilia as an “irrational taboo” and to voice (in small ways at first, but with growing insistence) the question, “What’s so bad about sex with minors?” This film is part of what military types call the “softening” campaign to ready our culture for that question. Show me a culture that despises virginity and I’ll show you a culture that hates children.