From the “Hell Yes, I’m Ambivalent About This War” Dept.

Got this from a friend:


by Our Defense Correspondent Col. Lateral-Damage

THE PROSPECT of war in the Middle East became more likely yesterday with the arrival of a detachment of cavalry who are planning to set up base in the region.

The Four Horsemen, whose appearance, experts believe, marks the imminence of a major conflict, are armed with state-of-the-art swords, scythes and hourglasses, as well as a fully operational last trumpet. They are also equipped with the latest chemical-weapons-resistant black-hooded robes.

Amazing Revelations

Said the Commander-in-Chief, Death, “We’ve got a job to do here and we’ll do it to the best of our abilities. The chaps have been in training for millions of years and War, Famine, Plague and I are keen to show everyone that we are prepared to do whatever is necessary.

“Obviously no one wants to see the end of the world, but sometimes tough decisions are necessary and if that involves stars falling from heaven and the seas turning to blood, well, so be it.”

Apocalypse Now

“Of course we are sorry to be away from our loved ones at this time of year, but we have a duty to destroy Babylon and turn the earth into a smoke-filled wasteland.”

The above is by Paul Davies.

For me, the biggest concern is the “will this create more problems than it solves?” question. Always has been. And, like the Pope, I do wonder if this is a last resort. But then I think about a shipping container nuke going off in the port of Seattle and that also has a certain persuasive resonance for me too.

Oh, but that could *never* happen. The next thing you know, I’ll be saying somebody might fly a plane into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Outlandish doomsday scenario.

God grant us light to see the way.