Scratch an atheist, find a fundamentalist

Instapundit links this little grenade with approval. Well! So that little misunderstanding is cleared up! Raelians are absolutely no different than Christians. Mencken was right. Faith is the irrational belief in the impossible. Next.

Of course, there *is* the nagging fact that most Christians don’t believe in six day Creationism. And the curious fact that the doctrine of creation ex nihilo anticipated the discovery of modern science that the universe had a definite beginning (not something obvious to Aristotle). And the much more impressive body of evidence for the deity of Christ and his resurrection as distinct from the Raelian claims for a) human origins and b) cloning. But it would require more effort to look at these things in detail. Easier to just sneer.

It’s amazing how often atheistic critiques of Christianity appear to be based on memories of Vacation Bible School. All very effective for attacking a teenage fundamentalist’s understanding of Christianity, but not terribly pertinent for a reasonably educated Catholic’s. I don’t know how often I’ve been told I believe in six day Creationism, or that “You think your religion is right and everybody else is totally wrong and going to hell.” etc.

Speaking of sneering, Hitchens once again allows his hostility to God to get the better of him by characterizing JPII as “barely sentient” and a “foreign potentate”, insults worthy of a 19th Century Know Nothing. Amazing how the signal-to-noise ratio goes berserk in Hitchens’ brain whenever it approaches anything to do with Christ.