David Mills on why Libertarianism So Often Makes People Moral Idiots

Scroll down to “Sex in Middle America”.

I was thinking the same thing the other day when some talk radio guy was urging that we have unrestricted gambling here in Seattle since we already have lotteries, etc. In short, we’re already preying on stupid and/or poor people, so why not do it more? All the normal libertarian yakyak about individualism and personal responsibility was on display. But what never entered into the analysis was the Family. What sort of a community for families is produced establishing these garish ugly municipal blots devoted to the seediest and saddest representatives of the human race? The fact is, gambling towns are Sleazevilles. Even the guy was suggesting putting the casino into the seediest parts of Seattle and moving all the “adult boutiques” into a concentrated area around them. All he saw was revenue and “each individual’s right to blow his money however he wants”.

American habitually think of the individual, not the family, as the basic building block of society. It’s a huge reason why we’re so messed up–like the libertarian moral idiot Mills responds to.